Anxiety Counselling for Basingstoke, Fleet & Hook

picture showing words defining anxiety

If anxious thoughts and feelings are getting in the way of you living the life you want to lead, now could be a really good time to consider a new way of taking positive steps forward.

Commiting to some Talking Therapy sessions can make a very helpful and positive contribution to overcoming intense feelings of anxiousness or panic.

Client Feedback

"Learning what caused my anxiety allowed me to make the changes I needed in my life for the better. Many thanks for all your help with me"

What to Expect

I will work with you to provide some very practical tools and techniques that can help you conquer anxious feelings and worrying thoughts. For many people this proves sufficient to allow day-to-day life to show some helpful and meaningful improvement. 

Often exploring the underlying reasons that leads to you feeling anxious is also important. I can help you explore and gain an understanding of the causes.

More about Anxiety

Common themes used to describe situations in which anxiety can become overwhelming include:

- Social anxiety e.g. attending social gatherings that include new people

- Health anxiety e.g. experiencing anxiety relating to health symptons of self or others

- Performance related anxiety e.g. attending an interview, taking a driving test or exam

Whatever the situation that leads you to feel overly anxious I can work with you to overcome the difficulties and help you lead the life you want.