Feedback from Clients...

The sessions were very effective at the time and have remained so looking back after several months.          

I really don't think we would still be together without the benefit of the counselling sessions.
I saw John for four months and he was brilliant. He has this way about him which is exceptionally non-judgemental and which really made me feel as though he was unconditionally caring and would walk alongside me for as long as was needed. He is gentle, empathetic and professional. John helped me safely through a really difficult period in my life and I saw such a dramatic improvement in my self-esteem that I was able to use the experience as a springboard to moving on in a truly positive direction.

I liked the way that emotions / feelings were described in terms of everyday objects or processes, e.g. the Volcano. This allowed me to grasp what was going on (for me).

I would just like to thank you for everything you have done for me. You have been a great help and very understanding about my problems. I feel much better in myself now and in a good frame of mind.
The sessions really helped give me clarity in my thinking about what to do about my relationship.                                                 

The sessions have proved extremely helpful, literally no issues since your counselling which has been great for all, thanks again!
I'm very pleased I made the big push to go to see John as it wasn't an easy decision, he immediately made me feel it was worth it and was an enjoyable experience.
I am in a much better place now and while things are not perfect I at least have the tools to ensure I don't end up in a black hole again.

My sessions with John proved invaluable for my own personal issues and how to deal with them. Think I was opened minded about wanting to to ask for the help I needed and the sessions between myself and John were designed to tackle one issue at a time, starting for me with anger management, before trying to determine the root of the cause of my issues which led me to seek John's assistance.

Flexible, kind and patient nature! I would highly recommend John Bennett for any issues you are having or any help you are seeking.
John is so kind, understanding and helpful, I was very nervous before my first session as I had never been to see anyone before and I was not even sure what I was going to say. When I arrived John made me feel completely at ease and comfortable, there was absolutely no pressure upon me and everything was taken at my own pace. Not only did I notice a great improvement with my own sense of well being and happiness after just the six sessions but so did my friends and family. It was a hugely beneficial experience and I would recommend John to anyone considering seeing a counsellor.
The treatment period was swift and effective, over 6 months on and I can easily recall the methodologies that helped me. Just go for it! Don't allow any stigma or worries block this opportunity to move beyond the situation you find yourself in. The counselling environment is incredibly safe and non-judgemental, it will help you enormously and is worth every penny. If you were suffering from a life debilitating physical illness you wouldn't think twice about buying your medicine so don't skimp on your mind, the rewards are far reaching for having a healthy mental state.
I found the sessions really useful...the relaxed atmosphere...Interactive discussions - not just me talking...Links between triggers and reactions...
Your approach and calm nature was appreciated by both of us.
I'd encourage people to do it. It it can help you see things a different way.
A warm and welcoming experience. You made me feel at ease.
John has helped me to say I WILL BE WHAT I CHOOSE TO BECOME ....
Your patient hearing approach balanced with gentle probing questions was the greatest success factor.