Individual Counselling near Basingstoke, Fleet & Hook

picture of a single oak tree symbolising strength and growth
I offer a flexible approach to meet your individual needs.

Counselling can help to work through a specific issue such as family crisis, relationship difficulty or workplace pressure.

I can also work with you to explore your situation more deeply, including issues such as anger, depression and anxiety.

In a first session we would explore your situation and aims. I would then explain my approach and we can agree a collaborative way forward.

The process of therapy can help you understand what is happening for you, build self-confidence and work towards achieving the life you desire.

"I contacted John at what was probably the lowest point in my life. I felt I had lost all sense of direction, my confidence had been totally eroded and I was in the darkest of depressions barely managing conversation most days. Opening up to John and being totally honest about all of my issues and fears was difficult but it made the process so much more beneficial in the long run. Week after week I worked with John who helped me to realise nothing was as bad as I thought it was and learned techniques I could actually use to counter my anxiety and fears. I could feel myself and my outlook on life changing as I progressed with John and I now feel like a totally different person, happy and content. I can truly say I am not that person any more that arrived at John's door on our first meeting" - Client Feedback