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Counselling Basingstoke:  If you are concerned about important areas of your life such as a valued relationship; or if you are experiencing difficulty with anger, anxiety, panic, stress, depression; or a change in your life is proving challenging to cope with such as redundancy, new job, divorce, illness, retirement or bereavement, I offer an opportunity to achieve a positive outcome that is meaningful and relevant to you.                                                                                       
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Basingstoke Counselling Service

I recognise that asking for help can be really hard and my aim is to provide a welcoming, 'jargon-free' experience where you feel heard.

I strongly believe there is always a way to take positive steps forward, however difficult a situation may seem. I will be encouraging and will work with you at a pace that you're comfortable with.

Client Feedback - "Having found myself at a dead end and finally plucking up the courage to seek counselling I found John via the internet, after my counselling sessions I wished I had the courage to have done it much sooner, the calm inviting surroundings, John's ability to just listen and ask the right questions enabled me to deal with many demons and I cannot thank him enough for helping and guiding me onto a much happier and better life for which I am still reaping the benefits..." 

In a first session I will explore your situation fully with you, explain my approach, answer any questions you may have and, if you would like to work further with me, agree a focus for further sessions. I find the number of sessions that clients have varies greatly and believe there is no right or wrong number. I will work flexibly to meet your specific needs and often find that valuable changes can be achieved within six sessions.

I am a fully trained and accredited British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) Counsellor with an established private practice. Sessions take place in a welcoming and peaceful purpose built consulting room in a separate, self-contained, oak-framed building in Rotherwick; a discrete rural environment in North East Hampshire, a short drive from Basingstoke, Fleet & Hook.

I am sometimes asked whether many men contact me for sessions. I generally find at any one time that approximately 50% of my clients are men, 30% are women and 20% couples.

When you feel ready to try a new approach and the right person is found to talk and collarorate with, I believe vital ingredients for positive change are in place. If you feel that time is now, please do contact me for an initial session to explore whether you believe I can help your situation.

Counselling Basingstoke, Fleet & Hook


Weekday Sessions
Options from 9am to 9pm


       Adults, Couples, Families
            60 Minute Sessions